Skull & Shackles

Day Eight: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, the Dwarven Sea Druid:

That morning, most of the crew went off to their respective duties. Djoona returned to her work with Kroop in the kitchen, shirking their work and deciding to get drunk instead. Djoona discovered that Kroop has a history of gambling and is disheartened with Captain Harrigan. After her discovery, they both got to work fixing the captain’s meal for the day.

I had to spend the day coiling rope. To which Scourge decided to harass me during, spitting directly in my face after I decided it best not to even respond to his berating. He was met with a crazy grin as I carried on with my duties.

Odnal, after overhearing and seeing all of this interaction take place between Scourge and I, laughed heartily at the scene, flaring Scourge’s temper. He received a lash for his insolence.

Nadiya was sent with Plug and a small halfling known as Ratline Ratsberger to hoist the sails, but mainly to be ogled by the slimy first mate. Nadiya is able to complete her duties masterfully, as well as correct the mistakes that Ratsberger commits. For this, she ends up gaining his trust.

Odnal is sent to bilges after his insolence. He converses with the bound cocky man I have simply deemed as “Shackles.” Odnal finds out that Shackles wishes to be released, but realizes that at the moment, he is unable to be helped. Odnal completes his work in the bilges with the help of magic, but as he is about to leave he hears people descending. Hiding, he sees Narthal and Scourge take Shackles and lead him top deck for a little “show.”

At the end of the work day, we were all brought top deck for a “show.” Wanting a better view of what was to happen, I moved away from the crowd and went towards the back of the ship, allowing me to see what all the commotion was about. For my act, Scourge is sent to me with a Cat O’ Nine Tails, lashing me several times for my insolence, but ultimately, staying up there with me to watch the “show.”

Captain Harrigan begins speaking to Shackles, who he has uncovered him to the rest of us as “Young Nate.” Harrigan proceeds to take out a knife and shaves Nate’s face. However, after the shave is finished, the Captain retrieves another blade, this time this blade is searing red hot, and sends the point straight in to Nate’s eye, taking it out! Nate passed out from the pain and was carried back down to the bilges. Whatever point Captain Harrigan was trying to make, he certainly established his authority with this demonstration of power.

Sandara Quinn, after the “show,” met with several of the crew, inviting them to a secret meeting at the forward mast at midnight.

That night at the meeting, Sandara Quinn welcomes everyone who decided to come. She leads the conversation, telling everyone that something must be done about the way we’re being treated on this ship, whether it be a mutiny or whether or not we find another way off this ship.

Kroop leaves the meeting, letting everyone know that he cannot risk his life for the sake of others. His leaving prompts others to run off, too scared to even speak of mutiny. Sandara lets out to those of us remaining that she wishes to sink the ship…but for the time being we should concentrate on making more friends.

That night, after the meeting, Nadiya went off and stole some money(60sp), a wooden flute, a silver ring, and a flask of what she believes is water but is unsure.

Odnal, taking Sandara’s advice, decides to entertain the crew by telling a story to the entire crew’s quarters. In the end, it was met with lackluster approval, but still had garnered some interest and intrigue.

Djoona, also heeding Sandara’s advice, decided to go drink with Kroop and Grok, however, she was unable to win over Grok to any extent.

Before I retired for the night, I thought it may be a good idea to go down to the bilges to check on Nate. However, my stealth skills were not as good as I’d hoped as Scourge discovered my attempt to sneak down in to the bilges. I let it known to him that I left ten gold pieces down below and was going to retrieve them. He didn’t allow me to and told me to return to my bed. Shortly after, I noticed that he sent a couple of his lackeys in search of the gold that I “misplaced.”

I had the last laugh this eve.



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