Skull & Shackles

Day Eleven: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, the Dwarven Sea Druid:

During breakfast that morning, Odnal was missing as he took an opportunity to acquire his long lost Trident, to which Grock, the ships Quartermaster, held. He bluffed his way in to attaining his weapon, convincing Grock that Gozreh herself was jinxing Grock for possessing the cleric’s weapon. After obtaining his trident, Odnal thanked Grock for submitting to Gozreh’s requests and relinquishing his trident back in to his possession.

After breakfast, Plug informed a lot of us (Nadiya, Odnal, myself, and Djoona), that the ship will drop anchor so we can go fish for crab today.

We arrived at a coastal reef, which appeared to only be about thirty to fifty feet deep, and the anchor was dropped. I took the opportunity to call upon divine favor from Gozreh to help me swim better, as my hands and feet grew webbing and fins.

While the others began swimming about searching for crab, I took the opportunity to scout the area. When I returned to the group, I noticed a large crab like creature swimming towards the group quickly. Upon further inspection, I realized the group was about to be attacked by Reef Claws!

The battle with the Reef Claws was swift, Odnal effectively using his newly acquired trident to perfection, while Nadiya pierced through the thick carapaces of the Reef Claws, while Djoona struggled to stay afloat and I struggled to penetrate the Reef Claws armor myself, not having any weapon of my own to utilize. Luckily, Nadiya and Odnal were able to eliminate most of the Reef Claws, along with a giant crab I was able to summon to help aid in our vanquishing of the sea monsters!

That night, at bloody hour, we were fortunate to have no one receive any punishment.

Dinner that evening was especially tasty, with the fresh crab and Reef Claw meat we were able to obtain during our fishing mission.

That night after dinner, a group of us discussed plans to potentially eliminate a Captain Harrigan and Master Scourge faithful lackey, Xhang Dow. Talk has begun, however, a plan has yet to be finalized.

Other than our plan to take out Xhang Dow, nothing else of great importance took place that evening.



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