Skull & Shackles

Day Five: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, the Dwarven Sea Druid:

The day began again with a normal work routine for everyone. I was set about swabbing the decks, to which I was able to dutifully complete the work without complication. At the end of the work day, Master Scourge came out to make a special announcement. For our hard work, we were going to have some festivities and entertainment. Scourge has arranged a brawl and selected the human known as Mander to fight against “The Owl-Bear.” The conditions of the fight were bare knuckled brawling and no magic was to be used. A sorceress dispelled the magic that was cast on Mander to aid him in the battle by the human Odnal.

To Scourge’s disdain, Mander came out victorious against the large “gimp” known as The Owl-Bear. He began encouraging Mander to kill The Owl-Bear as per condition of his victory. Mander refused to kill The Owl-Bear, defying Scourge, and further enraging him. This act of kindness Mander showed towards The Owl-Bear appeared to gain him a potential ally. For his loss, Scourge punished The Owl-Bear with his whip mercilessly, driving him back down below deck into solitary. The fight ended the celebration for the end of the work day and the crew returned below deck to their quarters.

That evening, the crew’s quarters were abuzz with discussion over the fight between Owl Bear and Mander. It appears Mander has gained influence with the crew for his victory. I wonder how well he will use this new found prominence to his advantage…



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