Skull & Shackles

Day Nine: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, the Dwarven Sea Druid:

That morning, after a delicious breakfast cooked by Djoona, we began our daily jobs once again aboard the Wormwood.

Nadiya was sent back to rigging where she excels. During her job, the other dwarf on board, Narthal, attempted to thwart her efforts to complete her job by not completing his own. However, to Plug’s disdain, Nadiya was able to not only complete her work, but also complete the work that Narthal was suppose to finish as well.

Odnal is sent to pump the bilges for the day. He chose to spend most of his time healing and taking care of Nate who was still in rough condition after the punishment he received the day before from Captain Harrigan. However, when he attempted to complete his duties pumping the bilges, he failed to do so. This displeased Scourge, and for his failure, Odnal is to receive lashes at bloody hour.

I was sent to repair the ship with Hobbley Karn, who, as I found out rather quickly, is an asshole. Though I didn’t really repair much, my duties involved wielding a sledgehammer and breaking a lot of stuff.

During bloody hour, Odnal is set to receive his lashes as well as the young Halfling Rosie Caswell, and to my disdain, I will receive some lashes for my attempts to sneak about the ship the night before.

I was unable to endure the lashes that were given to me, passing out from the merciless strikes Scourge decided to take out on me.

That night, Nadiya attempted to sneak about the ship but was discovered. Scourge, having been the one to catch Nadiya, threatens Nadiya with three lashes the following day at bloody hour…or she can get out of the punishment through other means of compensation. She refused him and he spat at her, telling her she will be thoroughly punished on the morrow.

Djoona went to sleep right away.

Odnal had a rather exciting evening down with the rest of the crew. When they were all issued their rum rations, he invigorated the crew with a rousing and jaunty drinking song to which he even had Scourge amused.

The lively tune capped the night off pleasantly, as Odnal gained influence among the crew to use to his advantage. Time will tell how well he utilizes that influence.



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