Skull & Shackles

Day Six: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, the Dwarven Sea Druid:

A storm has set in. We were awoken early in the morning and informed that every crew member is going to be a rigger today. For most of the day, the storm is managed, and met with little problems. However, we have been informed we will be rigging into the night and will have to miss dinner.

The night progressed as shifts were taken in order to keep the crew fresh and able to perform their duties successfully, to which the strategy worked. The only loss we suffered was one of the little halflings was blown overboard and lost at sea…with no hope of saving.

Once dawn came, a rather rough patch of weather afflicted the ship again and another one of the crew, Tilly Bracket, was overthrown in to the water. Unlike the halfling that was blown overboard late last night, this time, Tilly would able to be saved!

Disobeying orders to let her go, I acted quickly, tying a rope around my waist (but not to anything on the ship), casted a spell on myself allowing me to grow gills and fins so I would be more adept at swimming in the storm, and dove over the side into the ocean! Luckily, one of my fellow crewmates tied the rope I had around my waist to the side of the ship! I found Tilly, swam to her, and aided her in swimming back to the ship. She clung to me as we were pulled aboard, thanking and kissing me frantically. It appears I have made a new friend.



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