Skull & Shackles

Day Ten: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, the Dwarven Sea Druid:

That morning, I awoke, delirious still from the lashings I was given at bloody hour. My back, still raw, ached as I clambered my way up to breakfast. I wouldn’t give Scourge the satisfaction of being unable to perform my duties today.

After breakfast, the crew all set about our daily chores. Nadiya was sent to coil rope today with Narthal. After completing her work, she was confronted by Plug. He accused her of moving coiled rope over other unfinished work to make it appear that all the work was finished. He proceeded to threaten her with the cat o’ nine tails for her failure, even though Nadiya defended herself, claiming it was Narthal who was attempting to sabotage her. Plug was not swayed.

Djoona was sent on a special mission today. Instead of her usual preparations in the kitchen, she was sent out on a boat to hunt for a turtle for tonight’s dinner. With most of the day passing her by and little to no luck with the turtle hunting, fear began to creep in that she might not be able to catch tonight’s dinner and be able to appease the Captain. Luckily, just as the sun was setting, she spotted a turtle and with one fell swoop of her net, she was able to sweep a turtle up in to her net. Hurriedly, she rushed the turtle back to the kitchen, allowing Kroop to perform the killing blow. That night, a dinner of turtle stew was served, which was a superb change from the normal cod stew the crew had been getting used to.

Odnal was sent to coil and tie rope for the day, to which he completed in expert fashion. He even finished his work early and was praised, surprisingly, by Plug. Odnal, not really caring for much of Plug’s impressions, turned his back on Plug while he was being praised. This act of impudence was met with a quick lash to which Odnal gladly bore.

I decided to shirk my work for the day and sneak down in to the bilges to check on Nate to see how well he was faring after the brutal punishment he received a couple days prior. Still in very poor condition, I did the best I could to change his rags and purify the water he was drinking and festering in. Though the healing I provided was only temporary, it still may have bought him the time he needs to recuperate.

At bloody hour, Plug took the pleasure in lashing Nadiya with the Cat.

That night, after we all went below deck for the evening, Sandara Quinn was kind enough to patch up the scathing wounds that Nadiya suffered during bloody hour.

Odnal speaks with Sandara after she heals Nadiya, discovering that mutiny appears to be farther out of reach than expected.

I attempted to sneak off the ship to go for a swim and commune with the aquatic life surrounding the ship, but was foiled in my attempt when Odnal decided to channel divine magic to help aid me breathe under water, which Scourge was quick to discover and put a stop to promptly. I took a lash for pretending not to be able to breathe and acting as if I did not know what magic was being cast on me. Scourge was not amused or convinced.

Djoona went sneaking about the kitchen that night. She was discovered by a cleaver wielding Grock shortly after she entered the kitchen. Djoona played it off that she came to speak with Grock herself instead of snooping about, however, in her conversations with Grock, not much was learned or accomplished. Their relationship at this point is still a bit awkward.

After being healed and before retiring to sleep, Nadiya decided to take a visit down to the bilges to check on Nate once more. She was able to give him something he had been craving since we all first met him the first day on board…rum.

That may have been just what he needed for him to turn the corner in his recovery.



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