Skull & Shackles

Day Two: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, the Dwarven Sea Druid:

Awakening the next day after a hearty sleep, the day appeared to begin normally. Breakfast was simple, biscuits and a bit of salt beef. Once finished with breakfast, we were released for our daily chores. A group of us were confronted by Narthal, a fellow dwarf, and a band of his mates.

Apparently the human known as “Mander” was involved in a fight the first day on board the ship and Narthal has come seeking revenge. I have been lumped in as one of Mander’s “friends” therefore, I am to be attacked as well. I acted quickly, filling the air mist, and stealing away from the fight. I began to mop, hoping not to draw attention to myself as Scourge came down to see what all the commotion was about. My attempt was in vain, as I still received lashes for the misconduct on deck. Scourge attempted to discover who had the ability to cast magic, interrogating each of us, the humans, Mander, Odnal, and Juna, as well as the elves, Glindal, and Nadiya. None of them spoke, so each were punished with lashes.

Luckily, Narthal and his crew were given lashes as well, so favorites weren’t played. It appears Gozreh did not wish for death this day. Many of these crewmen seem susceptible to influence…maybe their trust should be gained. I do not particularly enjoy being beaten, nor having to look over my shoulder every minute of the day. A pirate ship they call this…more like a slave ship for the likes of this crew. I’d hope to change that if ever I were able to lead a ship such as this…wishful thinking I suppose for now.

I have begun to gather my bearings on this ship…one crew member spoke with me…it has been a long time since I have even engaged in such a simple activity with anyone…I felt it best to not respond, instead I slept, and reflected upon yet another day aboard the Wyrmwood.



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