Captain Plugg

Cruel and Sadistic Captain of the Man's Promise


Male Human Fighter

Mr. Plugg is an angry young man. He is always furious about something, but somehow his rage simmers like a stew. He remains frighteningly quite the more angry he becomes, and even when he finally does lose his temper in an explosion of wrath he quickly regains control again. A sadist and a bully, Plugg has nevertheless suffered a hard and desperate life—or so members of the crews he has served over whisper. Few sailors know the truth concerning his origins in Port Peril, and those that do are smart enough to keep their mouths shut. The only secret of his past that is widely known is that he was born the bastard son of a Shackles pirate and a Port Peril whore, and was christened with the name Karlo after his father. Any man or woman who calls him by his first name is said to be lucky to survive a month before they meet their end in some sort of violent “accident.” At only twenty-one years of age Plugg joined the crew of Captain Harrigan’s Wormwood. Due to his ruthless devotion to Captain Harrigan’s orders, his rise on the ship was meteoric. Within eleven months he had wormed, blackmailed, and bribed his way to the position of first mate, so that when the Wormwood recently captured the Rahadoumi ship the Man’s Promise it was Plugg who Harrigan promoted to captain of the new vessel. Ordering him to return the newly pirated ship to Port Peril for refitting, Mr. Plugg inexplicably departed from Captain Harrigan’s orders for the first time, choosing to sail further south instead the moment his ship was out of the Wordwood’s sight. Bald except for a black ponytail and sporting a long, narrow beard, Mr. Plugg somehow looks angry, miserable, and uncomfortable all at the same time. Bare-chested, he wears an immaculate navy blue sailor’s coat with pearl buttons taken from the corpse of a Chelish privateer and carries of cat-o’-nine tails with him at all times. He clearly takes great pride in himself—everything about him shines, from the polish of his boots to the dome of his head. His teeth are grey and yellow, however, and his face is fixed in an almost constant snear.

Captain Plugg

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