Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop

Drunken Ship's Cook and Friend to the Common Sailor


Male Human Rogue

Most people think Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop gets his nickname from the stains on his apron or the contents of her infamous stew, but few know he earned the sobriquet as a competitive eater in the low bars of Port Peril. As a young man, it was said that Kroop could eat more of anything, and faster, than anyone. Old-timers still talk about the night Kroop devoured an entire bucket of hard boiled eggs down at the Salty Swab by the docks. An affiable fellow, Kroop was trained as professional chef at Lobster’s Armor, on of Port Peril’s most popular (and expensive) restaurants, but when he was thrown out for drunkiness and inappropriate behavior with his assistant, he ended up plying his trade with several sailing vessals in the Shackles before embarking on Captain Barnabas Harrigan’s Wormwood, where he served as ship’s cook for three years. Sadly, as Kroops luck in life worsened, so did his drinking, culminating in his better his life and loosing it to Captain Harrigan during his first year of sailing aboard the Wormwood. Thinking as little of Kroop as he does a bilge rat, the only thing that prevented Harrigan from killing Kroop was the drunken cook’s skill in a kitchen. But having taken a Rahadoumi aristocrat’s prized cook (originally on voyage to his new employer’s mansion in Azir) when his crew captured the Man’s Promise, Harrigan finally has seen fit to rid himself of Kroop. Fishguts now serves under an arguably even crueler captain, Karlo Plugg. Aside from drinking and swapping yarns with fellow sailors, Kroops only joy are his prized chickens. He loves his poultry and collects any rare breeds he comes across. Anyone with a background in farming finds Kroop friendly, while those who truly know their birds can quickly make themselves a helpful friend. Kroop’s favorite bird, a large black cockrel he call’s Black-Hearted Bezebel, often perches on the cook’s shoulder and even occasionally talks to him, or so the drunken cook claims. Kroops is a large, some would say fat man, weighing well over 200 pounds yet standing only around five feet tall. He exudes an air of neglect, perhaps even despair, from the bushy tufts of black hair behind his ears, to his rotting teeth, to the stains on his filthy apron. He walks with a wallowing waddle, particularly when drunk, but is capable of surprising acts of strength. Kroops speaks with a thick Shackles accent, which some find hard to follow, and his back has suffered so many lashes that it has taken on the appearance of tanned leather. He claims not even to feel the sting of the whip anymore. After fourty-four years in the school of hard knocks, Kroop is a man who clearly cares little for himself or what others think of him. Nevertheless, he is at heart a kind man, and does his best to protect his shipmates from punishments or danger.

Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop

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