Captain Barnabas Harrigan

Legendary Dread Pirate and Free Captain of The Shackles


Male Human ?

The stories of Barnabas Harrigan’s exploits on the high seas of the Inner Sea region number to many to recall, although the most infamous of them can be heard as sung by salty bards and told by grizzled sailors in dockside tavens throughout northern Garund and southern Avistan. A bald Garundi man a of massive build, no one can quite seem to agree on where Harrigan first came from. Some say that he is the illegitimate son of a Chelish admiral and an Osirian princess, others that he spent his childhood as an orphan on the streets of Port Peril (or Absalom, or Katapesh, or Azir, depending on the telling), or that he was found as a baby on a drifting ship, the only survior of a crew who went off course into the Eye of Abendengo. Some claim that he is even a hellspawn disguised as a man. What no one disputes is that, since becoming a Free Captain of the Shackles well over a decade ago, Barnabas Harrigan has proved to be one of the most successful raiders of the southern Avistan Coast. His ability to sail through the Eye of Abendengo with apparent ease, as well as his legendary ability to lose his Chelish pursuers in the eternal hurricane, has caused him to become one of the most profitable assets to the Hurricane King of the Shackles himself. While not a member of the pirate’s council in his own right—despite his skill at sailing through the Eye of Abendengo, he has consistantly been defeated by the mysterious Master of Gales in the Free Captian’s Regatta year after year—by sailing under the colors of the Hurricane King, Harrigan is granted respect, fear, and power that even most Free Captians can only aspire to one day possess. His often needlessly brutal and cruel nature is said to disgust even the iron-fisted Hurrican King, but the amount of Chelish gold and booty he routinely presents to his sovereign more then makes up for such ire. How such a mighty pirate lord came then to command only one ship (he once possessed a fleet of nine proud pirate vessels which sailed under his command) remains an utter mystery, as well as to why he has recently begun to break from his vows of allegance with the Hurricane King so freely. Of course, all of his traitorous actions remain unknown by the vast majority of the pirate population of The Shackles, most of whom still believe him to be an ambition but, for the moment at least, loyal follwer of the Hurricane King. Only a select few have actually seen evidence of his “treason” (if such a thing exists among pirates), but Harrigan has no plans, of course, to allow any such individual who is not utterly in his power to live for long.

Captain Barnabas Harrigan

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