Nathallium "Nate" Brineshoals

Mysterious Youth and Agent of the Hurricane King


Male Human Gunslinger [Buccaneer archetype]


Very little is known by the PCs about Nate Brineshoals at this time, other than that he languished in the bilges of the Wormwood as Captain Harrigan’s prisoner during their time as crew members of that ship and that he claims to be an agent of the Hurricane King of the Shackles. Half-blinded by Captain Harrigan for entertainment before the crew of the Wormwood, he now sports the archetypical one-eyed visage of a pirate, although he still possesses the bright nature and handsome looks emblematic of youth. He also seems to be in possession of some secret or type of knowledge desired by Captain Harrigan and his crew, and is familiar with the maintanance and use of strange one-handed weapons capable of firing small metal projectiles with frightening speed that he refers to as “firearms.”

Nathallium "Nate" Brineshoals

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