Skull & Shackles

Day One: The Wormwood

Written from the perspective of Glan-Var Ov-Thur, The Dwarven Sea Druid:

I awoke at sea, in the bilges of a ship. There were two elves (one looked as if it had human qualities) and three humans laying about me as well. None of us were restrained, however, there was a human who was shackled up, muttering loud coercions as he attempted to acquire our help, though little could we do at the moment.

It wasn’t long until a group of men came down to the bilges and escorted us up to the deck, one rather menacing man with a whip named Scourge prompted us along at a fervent pace. As we proceeded to top deck, I noticed a rather strong taste of taggit root oil. I can only assume that was what kept me unconscious for so long. They must have administered it to us all down in the bilges to keep us subdued. It was a rather large dose too, the taste is quite palpable.

Once we reached the deck, we were introduced to Captain Harrigan as well as several of his inferiors. After pleasantries were exchanged, the Captain decided they would lead us in a little competition. They had us race to the top of the crow’s nest, to which, I realize I am not very skilled at, I decided to be lethargic in my pursuit of winning the competition. I received a few “gifts” from Scourge’s whip for my apathy. The female half elf came out victorious as she reached the crow’s nest first, to much praise from the Captain and Master Scourge.

For my insolence, Master Scourge sent me on a “Rat Catching” mission. He was lax in saying what he expected me to do with the rats, so I spoke with all the rats I found and brought them top deck…to which they were promptly blasted with water overboard. The others, I noticed, had been given other jobs as well on this first day on the Wyrmwood.

That night, after a hearty meal of fish stew, I went directly to sleep…unsure of what my new life on the Wyrmwood would bring.


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